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We are ready to take care of your needs after your elective surgery in a safe and controlled environment. Our therapy programs are unsurpassed and we will work to get you back home very quickly. We realize patients are eager to schedule their elective surgical procedures. Hospitals are now ready and willing to get patients back into the Operating Rooms.

· Private Rehab Suites
· Surgical Aftercare and Services
· Specialized Therapy Services
· Discharge Plans tailored to your needs

Specialized programs will allow you to get back to the comfort of your home in a matter of days not weeks.

Welcome to Green Meadows

It’s not always easy finding the right healthcare for a loved one or patient. You want to ensure they feel at home and get the care and attention needed for recovery. A good healthcare center will have skilled and experienced staff, great infrastructure, and the programs designed for short and long-term care.

Green Meadows Health Care Center has decades of experience helping residents rehab and return to everyday activities. You could choose home therapy or a traditional rehab center, but they fall short in matching the convenience and efficiency of the Green Meadows rehab programs. When a long-term stay is necessary, we have the facility, staff, resources, and community to make your loved one feel at home.

It’s not always easy finding the right healthcare for a loved one or patient. You want to ensure they feel at home and get the care and attention needed for recovery. A good healthcare center will have a skilled and experienced staff, great infrastructure, and the programs designed for short and long-term care.

30+ Years of Experience

Green Meadows has proudly been serving Bullitt County and surrounding communities for over three decades. We understand the community dynamics, local culture, and what makes our residents comfortable. Creating a feeling of familiarity and safety is critical for optimal resident recovery.

Short and Long-Term Care

Green Meadows is a full-service care facility offering both short-term and long-term care. We feature 24-hour nursing care, skilled practitioners, medical directors, and every type of therapy program needed for an improved quality of life. Residents are kept comfortable with spacious rooms and housekeeping services.

Outpatient Therapy

Green Meadows offer all therapies on an outpatient basis. Patients are free to stay at home and receive treatment at Green Meadows during the day. This can be a good option for individuals who are able to maintain most daily functions on their own, while focusing on needed rehab in an experienced and trusted rehab facility as needed.   

Medicare Certified

Green Meadows is a Medicare-certified health care center. We also accept a variety of Medicare replacement plans and private pay.

Medicaid Assistance

Medicaid can sometimes be a challenge to get approved for. We are able to assist individuals who need help filing. Our knowledgeable staff can help with applications, updates, and any appeals.


Outpatient Therapy 

Welcome to Green Meadows Health Care Center Outpatient Therapy Services! When recovering from an illness or injury, you may be unable to enjoy the same comforts and freedoms that you were before and we can help. We provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy services based on the most up-to-date research and tailor to your unique needs. These evidence-based, individualized treatment interventions provide our clients an improved quality of life and enhanced ability to live active, independent, meaningful, and purposeful lives. Your goals are our goals and we are committed to help you achieve your highest quality of life.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists develop programs to target strength training, improved balance, fall prevention, increased range of motion, and decreased pain. Through our services our client can expect increases in strength, muscle function, coordination, endurance, and mobility. Our PTs will evaluate your injury or condition, discuss your goals and specific needs, and develop an individualized treatment plan.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists utilize a wide variety of interventions to help patients safely and independently perform activities of daily living. Our staff is dedicated to enhance each patient’s quality of life by adapting tasks and modifying the environment to improve their ability to function in their physical and social environments.

Speech Therapy

Our speech language pathologists develop individualized treatment plans to address swallowing dysfunction, communication difficulties, and memory loss. These interventions may include skills for verbal and written communication, as well as, memory, orientation, and reasoning skills. Our SLPs target swallowing disorders by training our clients to improve oral muscle strength and function for speaking for safe eating and drinking.

Kind Words from Our Residents and Families

“The nurses and staff at Green Meadows in Mount Washington were professional, kind and helpful to my mother. They went out of their way to make her feel at home and nurse her back to health!!” 

T. Hightower  

Short Term Care

Our short-term care services are designed to reach maximum functionality and help residents regain their independence. Find out how our short-term therapy programs can change the life of your loved one.


The right therapy is key to a full recovery and regaining functionality. We offer every type of therapy needed from physical and speech, to cognitive and psychosocial, and more.

Respite Care

Everyone needs a break from time to time. Taking time for yourself give you an opportunity to recharge and be the best caregiver you can be. Respite care give you temporary relief from your duties as a caregiver. We take over for a short amount of time, while you get the personal time you need.


Both short and long-term stays are made comfortable because of our amenities. Spacious rooms and daily housekeeping and linen services make residents feel at home. Onsite dental and personal care services give residents everything they need in one convenient location. 

Long Term Care

If your loved one needs long-term care you can rest assured knowing they’ll have everything they need at Green Meadows. Our friendly staff and community make new residents feel like family and make the transition easy.

Palliative Care

Living with a serious illness is difficult. Our palliative care service focuses on giving your loved one relief under the direction of a board certified palliative care practitioner. Our focus is on improving the lives of both the patient and family. 


Activities and socialization is critical for the wellbeing of our aging loved ones. Green Meadows plans special events for holidays, and off-site trips to locations our residents want to visit. Onsite activities like bingo, cards, music, baking, and worship keep residents engaged and gives them a sense of purpose.

Green Meadows Staff

The thing that separates average health care centers from great ones is the staff. Green Meadows takes pride in having an outstanding staff available for our residents. The longevity of our healthcare center and commitment of our staff makes us stand out in the crowd.

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