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Purpose Creates Meaning

It’s easy to lose your sense of purpose if you don’t stay engaged in activities and socializing. Green Meadows knows that everyone needs a sense of purpose to feel fulfilled in life. We foster a sense of purpose for our residents by creating a friendly culture that embraces everyone and encourages new friendships. We’re able to facilitate this atmosphere by offering a diverse selection of activities, programs, and field trips to give residents ample opportunity to connect and enjoy companionship.

Popular Green Meadows Activities 

Green Meadows offers a variety of different activities to keep our residents engaged during their downtime.

  • Bingo – A time tested classic game that still holds up today.
  • Cards – Bridge, Hearts, and Rummy are just some of the popular card games enjoyed by our residents. Card games bring a mixture of skill and strategy mixed with friendly socialization.
  • Baking – Some of our residents get great joy from spending time baking goods for family, friends, and other residents. Baking time is always supervised for safety.
  • Manicures – Every resident loves a good manicure. It makes them feel beautiful and provides an excellent setting for socializing.
  • Library – An onsite library is available for residents that enjoy reading, including a large selection of audio books for residents who enjoy listening or are unable to read comfortably.

Music Programs

Nothing touches the human spirit like music. Residents enjoy watching public groups perform live at Green Meadows. Some residents who have musical talent perform for family, friends, and other residents. Activities have nostalgic music playing in the background to lift the mood and spirits of our residents. 


Holidays bring a sense of time and familiarity to our resident’s lives. Green Meadows brings each holiday to life with themed decorations for each season. Local youngsters stop by and trick or treat on Halloween, and carolers drop in and sing around Christmas time.

Field Trips

Organized field trips encourage residents to get out, get active, and enjoy new places. We organize transportation and keep an eye on the group to ensure safety during every planned outing. Field trips are season and weather dependent. Favorite outings include visiting a favorite restaurant, shopping, and enjoying local parks on nice days.

Worship Services

Church and worship services are available for all religions and denominations.

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