Physical Therapy Programs Louisville Ky

Physical Therapy Programs Louisville Ky

When you are recovering from surgery or are overcoming illness or condition, you can improve the process with physical therapy programs in Louisville, KY. Green Meadows Health Care is one of the only facilities in the area that provides physical therapy for seniors in the community. We have a team of highly qualified professionals that lead our program and assist patients with achieving the best possible outcome.

What are the Benefits of Physical Therapy?

There are many benefits to physical therapy programs in Louisville, KY. Therapy focuses on restoring your strength, range of motion, balance, coordination, respiration, and motor functions. Physical therapy provides you with a way to improve your movement, regardless of your type of injury or condition. You will learn exercises that you can do at home to accelerate your recovery. Physical therapy will often relieve pain. When you take part in physical therapy, you will be able to return home more quickly after hospitalization and will learn the skills you need to handle your daily tasks more easily.

About Physical Therapy Programs in Louisville, KY

At Green Meadows Health Care, we customize physical therapy programs in Louisville, KY. Our certified physical therapist and staff will evaluate your needs and develop a program that suits your requirements. Throughout your program, we will continue to review your progress and make adjustments to your plan as necessary. We offer the program to residents of our facility and as outpatient services for others. Our goal is to help restore maximum function, increase mobility, reduce pain, and prevent or limit physical and cognitive disabilities.

What is Outpatient Physical Therapy?

Outpatient physical therapy programs in Louisville, KY, allow you to participate in therapy and return home each day. At Green Meadows Health Care, you don’t have to be a resident to take part in our physical therapy programs. Physical therapy is ideal for anyone who is suffering from a condition or needs to enhance recovery from surgery. Some of the conditions that we can help with physical therapy include recovery following hip fractures, osteoarthritis, joint pain, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and recovery from a stroke. We educate patients to use adaptive devices and teach them how to participate in their daily activities in a safe manner to prevent future injuries.

Contact Green Meadows Health Care

Green Meadows Health Care is a leading senior care facility in Louisville. We offer a variety of services that include short-term and long-term care, as well as physical therapy programs. We specialize in providing physical therapy to seniors and we understand how to help you overcome the many obstacles that you may face due to physical limitations. Our team has the training and skill to assist you with all your physical therapy requirements. We create programs specifically for each individual so that you will get the most from your experience. You will improve your mobility, along with your overall health when you participate in our programs. Contact us today to learn how you can take part in our physical therapy options.

Physical Therapy Programs Louisville Ky
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