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rehab center in Indiana

Are you looking for a rehab center in Indiana? If so, the best place for you to turn is Bridges of Hope. Our team at Bridges of Hope have experienced drug and alcohol addiction in their personal lives in some form, which is why we invite you to our facility with open arms. We pass no judgment on the people that come to us for help because we believe you are brave and strong for taking the first steps in getting help for your addiction. Some people still are under the impression that addiction is not a disease, but according to the American Medical Association, addiction is a disease that requires proper medical treatment and care. There are still a lot of social stigmas that surround addiction to drugs and alcohol, but you have nothing to be ashamed of when you are seeking treatment.

Quality Rehab Center in Indiana

At Bridges of Hope, our commitment and dedication to helping people find their way back to their sober selves in unwavering. We strive to help each client with their own personal journey back to the path of sobriety. Getting clean from alcohol and drugs is not an easy task, which is why our staff is available to you every step of the way to lend a helping hand. We offer multiple programs that cater to your individual needs; no matter what they may be. At our facility, we offer medical detox programs that are specifically designed to help to make detoxing from drugs and alcohol as pain free as possible. Detoxing from drugs or alcohol is probably one of the scariest things about getting sober, but with our detox program, you will have a medical professional looking out for you.

Residential Treatment Program

At Bridges of Hope, we offer a residential treatment program where you can expect a comfortable and welcoming environment where you can focus on getting clean and sober. Our all-inclusive treatment program is dedicated to helping men and women of all ages get the help they need in a safe environment. Behavior health technicians and a fully trained medical staff will be available to you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Individual and group counseling sessions are available to help educate clients about addiction and to reach healthy coping mechanisms. In our facility on the weekends, social rehab activities and daily twelve step recovery meetings are available. Our team at Bridges of Hope are ready and willing to put our experience and expertise to work for you. Let us help you find your true sober self.

Reach Out Today for More Detailed Information

You should not delay in reaching out to our staff at Bridges of Hope if you know someone who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. We can happily answer any questions that you may have about our treatment facility and our approaches to treatment. We are ready to help you through this difficult time in your life as you find your way back to a healthy lifestyle.

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rehab center in Indiana
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